You can either download the full annual report or download it in individual sections


• NT Annual Report 2015-16


Individual sections:
• Financial Review

• Annual Report of Council

• Financial Statements

• Consolidated statement of financial activities

• Balance sheets

• Consolidated cash flow statement

• Notes to the Financial Statements

• Independent auditors’ report to the Trustees of the National Trust

• The Trust’s advisers

• Glossary of Financial, Property and Fund

• Net Gain

• Governance

• Membership of the Board of Trustees, the Council, Committees and Executive Team

• 2014 Annual General Meeting

• Year on Record

• Places, works of art and other objects acquired

• Visiting figures

• Retirements

• Awards

• Obituaries

• The Royal Oak Foundation, The Rothschild Foundation and The Wolfson Foundation

• Gifts and donations

• Supporter groups

• Legacies

You can also download our previous annual reports here:

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Top: Checking the biomass boiler at Chirk Castle, Wrexham, Wales.
Middle: The Biomass boiler at Gibson Mill, Hardcastle Crags, West Yorkshire.
Bottom: A family at Dunham Massey, Cheshire.